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Illuminate with Lighting, Glass and Mirrors for interior design functionality and accents from SPACE San Diego


It’s all in the details. Architectural details, that is. You’ll be amazed at how our trade secret materials can make your space look bigger. From mirrors and lighting, to glass and unique translucent resin products – you’ll find a customized solution for your living space at Space San Diego.

More on our Resin Products

An impressive range of high performance resin materials to bring light, texture and color to enhance any environment can be found at SPACE san diego. This innovative translucent material can be used in an endless variety of vertical, horizontal, and 3-dimensional applications including; furniture, wall partitions, countertops, cabinet doors, sinks, displays, light fixtures, ceiling tiles, shower doors, and shelving. Surface scratches are easily removed using standard polishing discs to renew the finish to a matte or high gloss.

This product is available in a variety of colors and finishes to complement any design – natural whites, neutral tones, distinctive metal and wood finishes, patterns, textures and even custom colors. Let us show you how to integrate this unique product into your environment.

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