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Transform with the Duo / Trio / Arrow Cocktail Tables - Space-efficient, multi-functional furniture at SPACE san diego

Duo / Trio / Arrow Cocktail Tables

These flexible and mobile cocktail tables offer a variety of shapes and finishes.

The Duo offers a stationary triangular table with a dockable round table on casters. The round table has a high-gloos finish with a choice of many inlay designs, colorful poster art or 26 wood finishes.

The Trio consists of up to 3 interconnecting tables on casters with a colorful high-gloss base using either 26 wood finishes or colorful poster art. The table can be ordered as individual tables or in a set of three.

The Arrow consists of 3 mobile tables with the central shape being a circle and the two other tables resembling arrow heads. Either colorful posters or 26 wood finishes can be used for the high-gloss base. The round glass tops are all the same size.

Many choices for the inlay designs are available as well as 26 high-gloss wood finishes and colorful poster art.

Click here to download a specifications sheet. (PDF format)

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