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Transform with expandable console tables that convert into large Dining Tables - Space-efficient, multi-functional furniture at SPACE san diego

Expanding Console Tables

When open spaces are desired but you have needs for a large table for entertaining, these expandable Console tables are the answer. The METROPOLITAN uses up to 5 leaves to expand from 17.75" to almost 10 feet. With the introduction of the MANHATTAN console, convenience is added by storing the 4 leaves in the rotating center support leg! The MANHATTAN expands to 106".

The METROPOLITAN offers a white, vintage textured melamine and the new premium Dark Oak and Faux Concrete finish. It has the added advantage of being able to swivel the center support leg to allow for more comfortable sitting.

The new MANHATTAN is offered in white, gray and vintage textured melamine with new finishes including Ancient Ash and Ancient Natural plus Faux Concrete, Walnut and Dark Oak.

All tables open and close easily with rollers on the one set of feet that would be used to open the table. Now, when you need a large table for holiday company, you can have one in seconds.

Download the specifications sheet. (PDF format)

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