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Creative Design with Custom Floor Coverings - Versatile, practical carpet flooring system at SPACE San Diego

Custom Floor and Wall Coverings
by Liora Manne

SPACE san diego is pleased to offer the unique and refreshing floor and wall coverings from Liora Manné. These products use acrylic and / or polyester fibers are cut, blended and layered by hand and then mechanical interlocked by needle punching. Needle-punching is the process of converting the webs of loose, hand-laid fibers into a coherent nonwoven fabric on a needle loom. The needle loom mechanically orients and entangles the fibers to achieve this. For additional strength, the fibers are needled to a base fabric and then coated with natural latex. Using the latest nanotechnology, an EPA approved SmartSilver™ antimicrobial finish permanently embeds microscopic silver particles in the material. This prevents deterioration, odor and the growth of mildew, making LAMONTAGE™ textiles extremely durable and ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Many different and custom shapes are possible with this process becasuse LAMONTAGE™ does not fray or unravel. Rugs are typically 1/8" in thickness while wall coverings are 1/16" . Pieces can be as wide as 13' 6" and as long as practical for shipping.

We have actual samples of the LAMONTAGE™ textile in our showroom along with other examples of Liora Manné work. Visit the Liora Manné web site for even more examples of what can be achieved.

Click here to download a specifications sheet. (PDF format)

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Showroom Hours:
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