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Conceal with the Zoom-Room Wireless Retractable Hidden Bed - Space-efficient, multi-functional furniture at SPACE san diego

Zoom-Room Retractable Bed

Just touch the wireless remote and Zoom-Room descends into the room behind a custom wood cabinet. Press again, and the Zoom-Room retracts by climbing vertically behind the cabinet. Your flat screen TV, books, or knick knacks - whatever you have in front - can stay where they are! The Zoom-Room allows you to maximize valuable space without sacrificing utility or decor. It is only available in a Queen size with a firm heavy duty foam mattress at no extra charge. Occupying a space that is 24" deep and 87" tall, the Zoom-Room is a great solution for making the most out of limited space.

Standard simple cabinets are available as well as fully customizable cabinets in any wood species. The new Zoom-Desk now offers the same functionality with a 21" drop down leaf desk along the full 61-1/2" width. Refer to the attached specification sheet for more details and pictures of custom cabinets.

Click here to download a specifications sheet. (PDF format)

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